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Admission Requirements

The following are requirements that must be met before application to the CFS Program can be considered:

  1. High School Diploma or its equivalent;
  2. Completion of two years of high school mathematics or college mathematics including one year of algebra or MAT 087 (non-credit) at Onondaga;
  3. Completion of two years high school or college science;
  4. A grade of C (73%) or higher in required courses used to meet the prerequisites;
  5. A cumulative average of 2.5 (from most recent college experience), or 75% or C+ (from most recent high school experience);
  6. Before registering for CFS courses, the student must have completed Onondaga placement tests and demonstrated competency, placing into MAT 118 or MAT 143, ENG 103, and RDG 153 levels.

Admission into CFS will begin the Fall 2011 semester and will be accepted both Fall and Spring semesters thereafter.

Ranking points will be awarded for:

  1. Most recent cumulative G.P.A.;
  2. Courses taken within the last three years of education that meet the grade requirement (Science, Mathematics, English),
  3. If a student met the admission requirements and prerequisites at a previous admission cycle but the program was full student will be given priority for next admission cycle;

Application deadlines for prerequisites complete with supporting documentation for fall admission:
Fall Admission:

  1. By March 1st or the 6th week of previous Spring semester for first review;
  2. By the last on-hand day of previous Spring semester for second review;

Spring Admission:

  1. By the 6th week of previous Fall semester for first review;
  2. By the last on-hand day of previous Fall semester for second review;