Program Description

As a modern automotive service technician, you will need advanced skills to perform service and maintenance on state of the art vehicles. Advanced technologies in areas such as computer controlled fuel and ignition systems, computer controlled suspension, anti-lock brakes and microcomputer-controlled heating and air conditioning systems demand the automotive technician possess a solid background in electronic systems and diagnostic procedures.

Auto Tech 3

Onondaga Community College’s Automotive Technology degree program allows you to earn an A.O.S. degree while training on the latest computer based diagnostic test instrumentation. Fundamental through specialized automotive hybrid courses will develop a solid foundation in this changing field. The program has extensive instruction on emissions diagnosis and drivability concerns in laboratory activities. Comprehensive instruction in applied mathematics and the sciences will allow you to have the diverse skills necessary for advancement in this exciting field.

The Automotive Technology program has both admission and graduation requirements: A) Students need to place into MAT 119 and ENG 103. B) Students must secure a cooperative work assignment at an automotive service facility approved by the Automotive Technology Department. Tools are provided for all automotive laboratory coursework.