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Admission Requirements


Before an application to the program can be considered, the student must have the following requirements:

  1. An overall cumulative average of 2.6, 77, or C+ or higher from the student’s most recent high school or college experience;
  2. A high school diploma or equivalent;
  3. Successful completion of one year of high school mathematics (Math A or Algebra is recommended) or equivalent. 
  4. Successful completion of one year of high school chemistry, or CHE 151 (preferred with no lab required) at Onondaga or General Chemistry or equivalent; within seven years of matriculation in Surgical Technology.
  5. Successful completion of one year of high school biology, or BIO 151 or BIO 152 or BIO 121 (preferred) at Onondaga within seven years of matriculation in Surgical Technology
  6. A grade of 77 or C+ or better in high school or college courses used to meet prerequisites;
  7. Successful completion of placement tests demonstrating placement into MAT 114, this must be done at Onondaga within two years prior to matriculation into the Surgical Technology curriculum as determined by Onondaga mathematics placement test or equivalent coursework. Must also place Into ENG 103 level and RDG 153 level. 
  8. All students participating in clinical or laboratory courses must be able to perform all of the “Essential Skills” as outlined in this catalog.

A competitive process is used for admission to the Surgical Technology Certificate program, with points assigned to specific criteria. Admission will be offered to qualified students in ranked order from highest to lowest, after the review deadline. Curriculum changes must be initiated by the student at Student Central.

Ranking points will be awarded for:

  1. Most recent cumulative G.P.A.;
  2. Courses taken within the last three years of education that meet the grade requirement (science, mathematics, English), especially for good grades in Anatomy and Physiology I & II;
  3. Previous certification in the health care field (EMT, CAN, LPN, ATC, massage therapy, etc.) with documentation;
  4. New review if student met prerequisites at previous admission cycle but the program was full (student must have reapplied to the program for each new admission cycle);

Application deadline for prerequisites complete with supporting documentation for fall admission is March 1.