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The Respiratory Care program will be undergoing a Comprehensive Program Review, a process whereby the College conducts an in-depth review of the program to ensure its curricula are current with practice and in line with the needs of the community. 

Students currently enrolled in the program will be able to finish, but no new students will be admitted. 

The program will be reviewed due to significant concerns about the declining job market for Respiratory Care Therapists in Central New York. The causes of this declining job market include:

  • Limited retirements in the field due to the economy 
  • Impact of economic recession – hospitals have implemented hiring freezes 
  • Concerns over Medicare reimbursements to hospitals and health providers 
  • Discussion in the field about requiring a baccalaureate degree for practice (Onondaga’s program is a two-year associate’s degree 
  • Multiple programs in the area – Mohawk Valley CC and Upstate – are more than meeting the need for respiratory care therapists in the area. 
  • As an alternative, all students who have applied to this program and meet the college’s admission requirements will be admitted to our Humanities program for advising and registration. 
If you have questions and/or would like to discuss your options, please feel free to contact us at 315-498-2202 or