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First Year Credits
ENG 103-104 Freshman Composition and Literature I and II (ENG 099, a non-credit course, may be required.)  6
GEN 152 Human Adjustment  3
GEN 154 Comparative Vocational Planning  3
COM 101 Interpersonal Communication or COM 102 Public Speaking  3
Reading or General elective 1  3
Social Science electives 2  6
Mathematics/Science electives 3  6-8
Physical Education activity 1
Total Credits:  31-32 
Second Year  
English electives 2  6
Social Science electives3  6
Humanities elective 2  3
Mathematics/Science elective 3  3-4
General electives 5  7-8
Health elective 1
Total Credits:  29-30 
Total Program Credits  61 


¹  The three-credit Reading requirement will be waived for students who score 95 or above on the Reading Placement Test. 

2 Social Science electives must include 6 credits of History. 

Three courses of Science, or two courses of Science and one course of Mathematics. At least one Science course must be a laboratory science. 

4  English electives are to be chosen from 200-level literature courses. 

5  The exact number of general elective credits will vary according to course choices, requiring no more than 8, but enough to bring the Total Program Credits to 61.