Graduation Requirement:

All students in the Electrical Engineering Technology program must have a minimum grade of C- in the following courses: ELT 141, 142, 161, 261 and CMT 171, 190.

Please note: If you wish to pursue a B.S.E.E. degree in electrical or computer engineering, you should consult with an advisor.

This program is accredited by Technology Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (TAC of ABET), 111 Market Place, Suite 1050, Baltimore, MD 21202-4012 Telephone: (410) 347-7700.

First Semester Credits
ENG 103 Freshman Composition and Literature I
(ENG 099, a non-credit course, may be required)
CMT 101 Introduction to Computers and Applications  4
ELT 141 Circuits I  4
MAT 119 Mathematics for Technical Disciplines I1  4
Total Credits:  15 
Second Semester  
MAT 120 Mathematics for Technical Disciplines II1  3
CMT 171 Digital Electronics  4
ELT 142 Circuits II  4
ELT 161 Electronic Circuits I  4
Total Credits:  15
Third Semester  
ELT 261 Electronic Circuits II  4
CMT 190 Introduction to Microprocessors  4
ELT Elective (200 level ELT or CMT course)2 4
ENG 104 Freshman Composition and Literature II or SUNY Gen. Ed. Basic Communication COM Elective
Total Credits:  15 
Fourth Semester  
ELT Elective (200 level ELT or CMT course)2
Career Elective3
SUNY Gen. Ed. Natural Science with Lab4
Social Science Elective or PHI Elective5
General Elective6
Total Credits:  15
Total Program Credits  60


1. Students intending to pursue a 4-year ELT degree should take MAT 143 and MAT 161. Other variations are also acceptable based upon advisor approval.

2. Students should consult with advisor to select courses from: CMT 292, ELT 201, ELT 215, ELT 221, ELT 222, ELT 285, ELT 289 and MET 270.

3. Any 3 or 4 credit course that reasonably contributes to the student’s career goal. CMT, ELT, MET, NET, CIS or CSC (programming language) recommended.  Other options are also available based upon advisor approval.

4. Students intending to pursue a 4-year ELT degree should take CHE 171 or PHY 103. Students who have completed calculus can take PHY 105. PHY 101 cannot be used since the SUNY Gen. Ed. Natural Science elective must also be a Liberal Art.

5. PHI 120 is strongly recommended.

6. HEA 106, HFA 204, HFA 215, HUM 270, or PEH are recommended.