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Delinquency Studies

Many Criminal Justice students elect to take courses dealing with the problems of delinquency in contemporary society. A concentration in delinquency studies enhances knowledge of delinquent behavior and is useful when seeking employment in an agency that works with children in trouble with the law.

As a Delinquencies Studies student, you might elect to do an internship at the Onondaga County Detention facility at Hillbrook, working with troubled adolescents. At least 70% of all counselors at Hillbrook have studied at Onondaga. This concentration is also open to non-Criminal Justice majors.

The Delinquency Studies concentration may be applied to both the A.S. and A.A.S. degrees. To earn the 12 credits needed for this concentration, you will choose four out of the following five courses:

CRJ 106 Juvenile Delinquency
CRJ 206 Juvenile Justice
CRJ 207 Sexual Trafficking of Children
CRJ 208 Managing Delinquents in Detention
CRJ 252 Internship of Detention Home (requires permission of instructor)