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You will be required to earn a minimum grade of C in all required CSC courses to receive your A.S. degree.

First Semester Credits
ENG 103 Freshman Composition and Literature I (ENG 099, a non-credit course, may be required.) 3
MAT 161 Calculus I ¹ 4
COM 210 Public Speaking 3
CSC 109 Algorithm Development 1
CSC 111 Fundamentals of Computing I 4
Total Credits: 15
Second Semester
ENG 104 Freshman Composition and Literature II 3
MAT 162 or 251 Discreet Math ¹ 3-4
CSC 112 Fundamentals of Computing II 4
SUNY Gen. Ed. elective (see Advisor) 3
SUNY Gen. Ed. elective (see Advisor) 3
Total Credits: 16-17
Third Semester
CSC 211 Computer System Organization 4
SUNY Gen. Ed Natural Science with Lab Sequence I 4
CSC Curriculum elective ³ 3-4
PHI 107 Logic 3
Total Credits: 14-15
Fourth Semester
SUNY Gen. Ed. elective (see Advisor) 3
SUNY Gen. Ed. Natural Science with Lab Sequence II 4
CSC Curriculum elective 2 3-4
CSC/CIS/CFS course If needed for 60 credit minimum  
Total Credits: 13-15
Total Program Credits 60-62


¹ The mathematics requirement is fulfilled by completion of MAT 161 and either MAT-162 or MAT 251 All three courses are recommended and additional mathematics courses may be applied to the liberal arts electives.


³ CSC 110 will be allowed as a curriculum elective only if taken prior to students successfully completing CSC 111.

4 Eight (8) credits of a laboratory science sequence must be completed. PHY-105 and PHY-205 is recommended for transfer. Eight (8) credits of sequential laboratory science from one of the disciplines listed below will fulfill degree requirements, but may not transfer.
Biology: BIO-151 & BIO-152
Geology: GEO-103 & GEO-104
Physics: PHY-103 & PHY-104 / PHY-105 & PHY-205
Chemistry: CHE-171 & CHE-172