Arch-Pella Scholarship

Pella of CNY Architecture Scholarship

The Pella Scholarship is sponsored by the Pella Window Company of CNY and the Pella Corporation and provides a $500 merit award to an outstanding OCC architecture or interior design student in the Fall and Spring semesters each year. Candidates for the award are selected by full-time faculty in the Architecture + Interior Design Department.

Scholarship Guidelines: (partial list)
  • Must be currently enrolled in the Architecture + Interior Design Department.
  • Must have completed 30 credits and have a grade point average of at least 3.0.
  • Demonstrate competency in building technology.
  • Demonstrate interest in building design.
  • Have as a goal to eventually work in the building design and construction industry.
  • Be willing to share his/her knowledge and experience with others.

The Architecture + Interior Design Department is grateful to James Farrell, President of Pella of CNY for his company's generous support of our students.

CDM/C&S Joint Venture Engineering & Architectural Technology Scholarship

The CDM/C&S Scholarship is sponsored by the engineering firms Camp Dresser & McKee and C&S Companies. It is available in alternating years to either a full-time OCC Architectural Technology or Engineering Science student who meets particular criteria. $1500 is awarded every year in the Spring with an additional $750 for each of the following Fall and Spring semesters as long as the student maintains full-time status and a 2.0 grade point average. This is a merit/financial need based scholarship and the award will be used to cover tuition and educational expenses.

Scholarship Guidelines: (partial list)

Scholarship candidates must be of African American, Hispanic or Native American descent. In addition students will maintain passing grades, demonstrate a positive work ethic and should have some level of involvement on the OCC campus and/or community. Student must also display an exemplary dedication to and interest in the field of Engineering, Architecture or Construction Management as determined by OCC faculty in the appropriate discipline. The department chair, and/or faculty members selected by the chair, will select the final recipient, using criteria established by the College and the scholarship sponsors.

The Architecture + Interior Design Department is grateful to the CDM/C&S companies for their generous support of our students.