Frequently Asked Questions

Whom can I contact if I have questions on completing this application or encounter problems?

You can email the Admission staff at or contact the office at 315-498-2221.

What information is required to be entered?

Required information will be identified with "(required)" after the field.

I received a pop-up window regarding my address, such as either it could not find it or a portion of my address was incorrect according to the US Postal Service (USPS).

Entered addresses are verified against the USPS database. It is possible that the spelling of your street may be shortened or broken into two words according to the USPS database. You may also have left a part of your address off so it is not able to match on it. You can select 'Edit this address' to modify the address entered or follow the directions located at the top of the pop-up window. If you feel you have correctly entered your address information, select "Choose this address" and you can continue on.

How do I enter my phone number?

All phone numbers should be formatted with dashes and not ( ). Domestic phone numbers should be formatted as 999-999-9999.

Do I need to enter a Home, Work and Cell phone number?

At least one phone number is preferred, but not all are required. If you indicate that the preferred phone number is one of the three, that number must be entered. If you have no phone number, select "No Phone" as preferred phone; Home, Work and Cell phone fields must remain blank.

Do I need to enter Country of Citizenship or Country of Birth if I am a US citizen?

If you are a US Citizen and indicate so, you do not need to select US for country of citizenship and birth. If you select one in error, select the blank option in the drop down list to remove it. This information should be entered for non-US Citizens.

I'm not a US Citizen. What do I do?

Select the appropriate Citizenship status, Country of Citizenship and Country of Birth from the drop down lists, and then select your Visa type.

I made my selection from one of the drop down boxes, and something else showed up in the box. Why?

The mouse pointer may have moved off your selection after you clicked on it. Be sure to "click off" or move your mouse off the selection in the drop down box to lock in your selection.

How do I find my high school?

To find your high school, enter the city and/or high school name or just a portion of the city or high school name, then click on search. If your high school is not listed, select "High School Not Found". You will then need to manually enter the school name, city and state. If your high school is outside the United States enter the name and city only. Leave the state blank.

I clicked on "Submit" and then realized I needed to change something. What do I do?

Proceed and print out a copy of your application. Next, you can email the Admission staff at or contact the office at 315-498-2221. The Admission staff can make the desired changes or corrections for you.

How do I enter information pertaining to Colleges and Universities I've previously attended?

The application provides space to enter up to three (3) previous Colleges or Universities attended. You will find this at the end of the application. Enter the name, city and state of the institution and the dates attended. The dates attended must be formatted as MM/YYYY, i.e. 09/2000 - 05/2004, providing a start and end date.